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Does moving to an apartment make sense financially?

Whether you live in your own home, a condominium, town home or apartment, use the chart below to compare your present monthly expenses with the monthly fee for your apartment and all the services provided at Crestwood Village. It will surprise you to see how favorably living at Crestwood Village compares financially with your present living situation. Most people find they are able to enjoy the pleasures and opportunities that are part of living at Crestwood Village without increasing their monthly expenditures.

How do I know if my loved one needs assisted living?

Many factors go into deciding if it’s time to consider assisted living. Some residents and their families choose assisted living simply for the convenience and benefit of full-service living. While others are experiencing a diminished ability to perform daily tasks such as dressing, bathing, laundry and housekeeping. When or if physical or occupational therapy is necessary, our partners at Freedom Home Health are there to help.

A professional Health Services Director at Crestwood Village will perform an assessment of your loved one and will make a recommendation for their care needs. One of the best things you can do to help your loved one is to be prepared with information and resources if or when the time comes for them to move into an assisted living community.

What if my parent is not a social person? Will they fit in?

Often, by virtue of dining with others and being an integral part of a whole community, one feels like he or she belongs, and finds opportunities to socialize not readily available when living at home alone. One of the great things about life at Crestwood, is the option to participate in the type and number of activities each resident enjoys. We encourage involvement in healthcrest and other social activities, but it’s entirely up to each resident to decide how active they would like to be with their friends and neighbors.

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What is the philosophy of assisted living?

At Crestwood Village it means you’re cared for through a coordinated set of services designed to enhance your own independence as we help manage the little things. There are private dining rooms, free transportation, a caring staff, and social activities every day of the week.


It’s the ideal solution when you need a little more than independent living. Assisted Living at Crestwood Village means assistance with meals, daily activities, laundry, and housekeeping. The highest level of care also includes frequent room checks, assistance with grooming and dressing, medication reminders, and more.

How do I know if Assisted Living can meet my parent's needs?

Assisted living combines housing and supportive health care services for those who cannot or prefer not to live alone and don’t need the 24-hour skilled medical care of a nursing home. It is specifically designed to provide assistance to those who still want their independence but need help with activities of daily living such as dressing, bathing, and taking medication.

What if my parent is completely resistant to relocating to an assisted living community??

We understand how they feel, change can be difficult at any age, especially when it pertains to living arrangements. Often seniors (and their caregivers) have a preconceived notion that assisted living correlates with a nursing home environment. Others who felt the same way, found after a visit to Crestwood Village they could see for themselves how unfounded those fears were. Crestwood Village provides a vibrant lifestyle opportunity for those who need help with a few of life’s daily activities. We encourage independence. Our purpose is not to restrict one's lifestyle, but to enhance it. Often, after visiting the community, the concept of assisted living doesn't seem nearly as frightening. Our residents tell us all the time, they only wish they had made the move sooner!

Does Crestwood Village have a waiting list or can I move in right away?

In some cases yes, there is a waiting list. Two bedroom apartments and first floor apartment homes are very highly desirable. That’s why it’s important to visit with a Leasing Counselor to select an apartment and a move-in date that works best for you. Crestwood Village offers a V.I.P. program that places you on a Priority Waiting List. However, if you have an immediate need, it is important to let your Crestwood Leasing Counselor know how soon you are looking to move. There are times we are able to fulfill immediate move in requests, please contact the Crestwood Village community directly to find out more information.


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